WSHD Resources

How will you celebrate World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) on September 4, 2024? There are many ways both organizations and individuals can participate in this global celebration. Our participation guide offers ideas on how you can participate in WSHD and links to related resources.

WSHD Logos

Download the WSHD 2024 logo for your promotional efforts.

Promote WSHD on Social Media

It’s easy to promote WSHD on your social media channels. Below are five sets of social posts you can share to educate your followers about consent on September 4 and beyond. Click the link below each image set to download a file with all of the included images in the set. You can share these across your channels along with the hashtags #wshd2024 and #positiverelationships.

Types of relationships: Click to download

Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship: Click to download

A positive relationship with yourself: Click to download

Relationships and STIs: Click to download

Consent and pleasure: Click to download

Additional Resources

Download the WSHD 2024 Participation Guide and Teaching About Positive Relationships Infographic.