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World Sexual Health Day (WSHD)

September 4, 2023

This 2023 WSHD theme is Consent.

Consent is a crucial element of any healthy sexual encounter, and we must educate ourselves and others on what it means, how to express it, and how to obtain it. In addition, it is essential to respect and value everyone’s autonomy and choices in sexual matters, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor.

As WSHD 2023 approaches, we encourage you to start planning how to get involved and positively impact your community. Together, we can raise awareness, reduce stigma, and improve access to essential sexual health resources.

About WSHD

In 2010, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) called all their organizations to celebrate, on each September 4th, the World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) in an effort to promote a greater social awareness on sexual health across the globe.

World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) has been celebrated in 60 countries with a wide range of activities from round tables of discussion to conferences and art exhibitions. Country organizers have taken WSHD activities to schools, media, hospitals, libraries, universities, public squares, art halls, and theater groups. WAS wants to ensure that sexual health issues are discussed everywhere!

get involved

Plan Events and Get Involved

WSHD is a global and voluntary celebration, the possibilities are limitless. Health institutions, schools, universities, patient organizations, and NGOs can get involved. WAS wants to ensure that sexual health issues are widely discussed everywhere.